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Why Poland is a great dental tourism destination?

Fly, treat and enjoy – dental tourism in Poland is at its peak. Patients from Europe, especially from western countries like Denmark, Norway, Ireland or England do not hesitate to start their treatment in one of the clinics abroad. What makes Polish dentists stand out and is the treatment really effective?

Top standards of dentistry

Is Polish dentist less educated than, let’s say, British specialist? Not at all! The quality of Polish education is on a European level, giving a great opportunity for a top-end practice. It means a comprehensive approach combined with comfortable treatment conditions. Each tannlege i krakow have graduated from a university, taking a 5-year course on dentistry. Another 12-month practice under professional supervision and a demanding final exam form an education path that result in contemporary standards.

Affordable treatment

Whether it is dental implants, canal root treatment, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening or any other dental care, Poland is said to be the most affordable country for the dental treatment. There are already patients coming from Scandinavian countries and England, willing to reduce the overall treatment costs up to 70 per cent. Dental services prices in Poland are incomparably lower than in mentioned lands. Even when you sum up the treatment price, two-way flight ticket, accommodation and food, it might still be cheaper than a single dental service in your motherland.

 Trip to an extraordinary city

Krakow is a former capital of Poland, with multiple attractions, historical monuments, excellent food and atmosphere. Located close to the airport is a common destination of many European tourists. Dental treatment combined with sightseeing of this beautiful city is a perfect idea for a short break.

Choose Indexmedica, a modern dental clinic with innovative equipment, where a team of professionals will take care of your dental health. Comprehensive approach, fluent English communication, many years of experience and a high-quality dental care – all in one place. If you need a pick-up from the airport, an accommodation or a tour around the city, no problem! Use the help of the one of Indexmedica’s representatives and enjoy your stay in comfortable conditions.


A tailored and transparent schedule of your check-up visits will let you plan your flights in advance. In case of England, it is up to 2,5-hour flight, when it comes to Scandinavian countries, it is even quicker. You can arrange your visit and be back home even the same day! However, if you wish to extend your stay, feel free to use the service of Indexmedica’s representatives.

Get your teeth fixed in a painless and modern way. A team of professional dentists is waiting for you in Krakow. Indexmedica in one of the best dental clinics in the city and its certified and well-trained dentists are willing to take a complex care of your oral health. If you expect long-lasting results, perfect smile and better confidence, Indexmedica is your next stop on your way to an excellent health.

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