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Pantry Moths – How to Get Rid of Them and What are Their Effects?

Almost every household encounters them – pantry moths. These tiny, yet very annoying insects, can become a real plague in our kitchens. Where do they come from, what are their implications for our health, and how can we get rid of them? I will try to answer these questions in today’s article.

Where do pantry moths come from?

Pantry moths, also known as flour moths, usually appear in our homes from infected food products purchased in stores. It is worth paying attention to products such as flour, flakes, nuts, or dried fruits. If a product was stored in conditions conducive to the development of these insects, there’s a risk that we will bring them into our home.

What are the consequences of their presence in our homes?

First and foremost, pantry moths can destroy our food supplies. Their larvae feed on organic materials, such as flour or grains. Beyond material losses, moths can pose a threat to our health. These insects can carry various bacteria and viruses that can impact our health.

Therefore, it is crucial to quickly and effectively combat pantry moths in our home. There are various methods to combat these insects, and many of them have been described on the website, where you can find lots of useful information on this topic.

How to get rid of pantry moths?

The first step in combating pantry moths is thorough cleaning of the kitchen and the place where we store food. It’s good to throw away all infected products and clean the cabinets thoroughly. Additionally, it’s worth using airtight containers for storing food.

Another effective way to combat pantry moths is pheromones. They can be purchased in the form of traps, which attract moths and prevent them from leaving the trap.

However, if the problem with pantry moths is severe, it might be worth seeking help from specialists. Many of them offer effective methods of combating these insects, which will allow us to get rid of the problem once and for all.


Pantry moths can become a real problem in our home. Destroying food supplies and posing potential health risks make it necessary to take action against these insects as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are many effective methods of combating pantry moths, allowing us to enjoy a clean and safe home.

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