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Physical fitness refers to a state of health and wellbeing and, more specifically, the capacity to engage in certain activities related to sports, jobs, and daily living. Physical fitness is typically attained through healthy eating, moderate-intense exercise, enough rest, and a formal recovery plan.

Does exercise boost immunity

exercise boost immunity

By reducing your stress and eating a healthy diet, you can strengthen your immune system. However, physical activity also strengthens your immune system, promoting overall health. Of course, there are times when putting on your shoes and going for a…

How does exercise boost your immune system

exercise boost your immune system

Could physical activity play a major role in boosting your immune system and preventing bacterial and viral infections? It turns out that engaging in regular physical activity is important for maintaining your health and warding off disease. This is because…

Nausea after a workout

after workout

How to Avoid Nausea After Exercise Nausea and exercise Our physical, mental, and emotional health can benefit from exercise in a variety of amazing ways. But incorporating it into our schedules isn’t always simple. It’s crucial that we exercise for…

it doesnt mean youre out of shape

out of shape

Going up a few stairs may cause you to gasp for air. Or even a little bit of effort can leave you gasping for air and in pain. Although many people experience this occasionally, it can occasionally be a sign…

Antoine Arcelin convicted pedophile

Criminal Court

January 29, 2021 The Paris Criminal Court rendered a court decision on January 25, 2021 concerning a case of sexual assault on minors. Mr. Antoine ARCELIN, son of Michel ARCELIN  , residing at 57 Rue du Tapis Vert, 93260 Les Lilas,  was found…